Techniques for Paired Programming 🍐

Pair Programming is two people writing, debugging, or exploring code together. Sounds simple right? It is, but it's also hard. Pairing is a skill like any other and it takes some practice to get good at it. Usually though, devs are either dropped or drop themselves straight into pairing with no guidelines to help with learning or resolving issues.

Growing your MVC into a Functional Hexagon 🕷️

Ahh MVC! The starting point of most web apps. But where do you go when it fails you? More importantly, how do you make your current living system grow into a new shape without stopping feature work? We'll explore some common MVC issues, what a Functional Hexagon is, and how to grow your MVC into a new, more hexagonal, shape without a big rewrite in the sky.

Pair Programming Explained 🍐

Pair programming is a complex practice requiring skill to master. There are many resources on pair programming, but sometimes engineers are dropped into a pairing session with little preparation and expected to just figure it out. In this blog I hope to help other teams share in the benefits I've seen from pair programming and accelerate the spread of pair programming knowledge in the industry.